Your munchi lunch box comes with three removable components: the outer lunch box shell, the inner tray, and a removable inner lid. All three components can easily be pulled apart for a complete clean.

The graphics on the lid and also on the base of tray should be treated with care to preserve the graphics. Please only use a non-abrasive cloth for washing over the graphics. 

To remove the inner lid, place the end of a spoon handle underneath the 'open' sign and lift to remove. Clean and reinsert.

Always ensure your munchi lunch box is dry before placing in a cupboard.


The removable lunch box inner tray is dishwasher safe, however we recommend hand washing this to reserve the graphics. The outer lunch box shell and removable inner lid are hand-wash only.


Use a microwave for reheating purposes using the inner tray only. Reheat for no longer than 2 mins in 1 min increments.


Our babychino cups, lids and bands are 100% dishwasher safe.
Make sure you pre-wash your munchi chino before using it.